Ms. O’Leary’s Cow Hidden Medallion Treasure Hunt

The Story

Mrs. O’leary’s Cow—As the story and myth goes, the Chicago Fire of 1871 was blamed on a woman named Catherine O’Leary who was said to be milking her cow when the cow kicked over a lantern, igniting the barn and starting the fire that would destroy nearly all of Chicago.

Chicago Festival West’s Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow Medallion Treasure Hunt is part of the Chicago Fest West festival held each year at Riverview Park in Mesa. This year’s festivities will be held on April 30th, 2023 on the Riverview Complex just north of Mesa Riverview Lake 2100 W Rio Salado Parkway 85201 enter off of Cubs Way.  Each year the community hides Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow Medallion and challenges the treasure seekers to Find the Hidden Medallion and Win the grand prize of about $1000 in gifts and money.

The Medallion is hidden somewhere in Mesa.  Clues will be published regularly until the Medallion is found by some lucky person. The Medallion is approximately 4” in diameter and is gold in color. See attached.  This Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow Medallion Scavenger Hunt is part of our Chicago Fest West festival.

The Medallion is not:

  • Hidden on a private residential or a business property.
  • There is no need to dig or climb to find the medallion but you will have to look around.
  • When the medallion is found, return it to the: Visit Mesa Office
    • 1 North McDonald St Suite 209 to claim the prize or Call: 480-827-4700, after hours call College Bound AZ at 480 861-9573.

The Medallion


Find Ms. O’leary’s Cow Medallion Hidden somewhere in Mesa, and win money, gifts and prizes valued at $1000.00 dollars.


  1. Our event is held at Riverview Park this year but if you start at the River and head south you will come right up the center and pass the medallion on your way.
  2. In this place there are many humans only a short distance from the medallion, but they cannot see it.  Where they are, you’ll get a look at Mesa’s past.
  3. In this area which was the original townsite when Mesa was founded by Mormon pioneers in 1878, you’ll find a huge arena with hard hitting activities.  Mesa has two of these but only one holds the medallion.  The Medallion is hidden below the Big C for Chicago—but don’t be fooled, this place doesn’t speak Chicagoan.

The 2023 Medallion Has Been Found!

The winner will be announced at the Music Festival, April 30th, on the Main Stage at 5pm!